A red, white and blue jersey to love this Fourth of July weekend

Whether you decided to spend the Fourth in the middle of all the action or tucked away on a rooftop with a view of some fireworks, this weekend was a reason to celebrate for many. But just because The Fourth is over doesn’t mean you need to put away the red, white and blue just yet. The No. 1 ranked Women’s soccer team in the world made sure of that last Tuesday when they beat another red, white, and blue clad team (England) to advance to the Women’s World Cup Finals. 

So this Fourth of July weekend, the dose divas are carrying on the patriotic spirit by cheering on another team of amazing women. And this team gives us even more reasons to be proud as a source of inspiration off the field, as well as on. Forward Megan Rapinoe calls herself a “walking protest.” This badass has been in direct confrontation with the POTUS and has for years fought for equal pay, racial justice and gay rights.

Co-captains Alex Morgan (left) and Megan Rapinoe (right).

Co-captains Alex Morgan (left) and Megan Rapinoe (right).

Most recently, Rapinoe and other members of the team have told Trump that there is “no f*cking way” that they would come to the White House to celebrate a potential Championship victory, but did accept an invitation to the House of Representatives from another incredible women, Congresswoman AOC. 

And this year, the Americans hosted the fourth year of the tournament called the She Believes Cup, which aims to inspire you women to achieve across all aspects of their lives. In a game (coincidentally) against England, they exemplified the idea of “women supporting women” by wearing the names of women that inspire them on the backs of their jerseys.

So no matter if you decide to dye your hair purple like Zac Efron in support of captain Megan Rapinoe or wear a jersey of the team’s many superstars, this weekend is just another chance to show your team spirit and rally. While we’re pretty confident that the cup is going to stay where it has been for the last four years, one thing is for sure, our girls are a force to be reckoned with. And after the incredible performances we’ve seen, these women are probably going to need to relax and take a break. The dose divas certainly know a thing or two about that!