We’ve got the (tart cherry) juice: Ingredient spotlight

Our first product, un/wine, is a botanical beverage with 20mg of organic hemp for great nights and even better mornings. Meant to be poured into a glass and savored, it’s perfect for a girl’s night out or dinner at home, just like wine. Want to know what makes it so calming and delicious? We’re gearing up for launch by taking a deep dive into our carefully selected ingredients lovingly chosen by yours truly, the dose divas. 

Sweet cherries are a perfect snack on hot summer afternoons, but we chose a more nutrient-packed version of this naturals candy to add to the red one: tart cherry juice. Telling the two varieties apart is simple--tart cherries have a brighter red color than sweet cherries. 

Tart cherries pack a serious nutritional punch. They contain anthocyanins, a nutrient associated with red fruits and veggies that is known to be a disease fighting agent. This fantastic fruit is also naturally rich in melatonin, a chemical in the brain that causes sleepiness. Consider the red one with tart cherry juice your new favorite nightcap! 

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the dose divas