You’re the bomb, lemon balm: Ingredient spotlight


Our first product, un/wine, is a botanical beverage with 20mg of organic hemp for great nights and even better mornings. Meant to be poured into a glass and savored, it’s perfect for a girl’s night out or dinner at home, just like wine. Want to know what makes it so calming and delicious? We’re gearing up for launch by taking a deep dive into our carefully selected ingredients lovingly chosen by yours truly, the dose divas. 

A cousin to mint, lemon balm is a powerful herb often overlooked by home gardeners, let alone the rest of us. But no longer! Lemon balm leaves are commonly boiled for tea to calm prickling nerves and bring about relaxation - so naturally we included it in a beverage meant to do just that! 

The herb’s scent is an aromatic, wonderful blend of mint and lemon, but the actual lemon flavor is rather subtle. This makes it great in recipes for pestos with olive oil, garlic, and of course piles of parmesan cheese-- recipe inspo here. It can also be mixed into refreshing spritzers, like this one

We had all these benefits and more in mind when adding lemon balm to our carefully selected recipes, and we can’t wait for you to try them.

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the dose divas

Emily CerfComment