Make bath time great again

Let’s set the scene. You walk in your front door, sweat dripping, legs aching from the five flights of stairs you had to climb up, because the elevator in your building is, conveniently so, out of service. You haven’t had the best day and frankly, you’re exhausted. Cheer up buttercup, you’ve got a bowl of CBD bath bombs chilling in your bathroom just begging to be used! 

We’ve noticed a new wave in CBD relaxation: CBD infused bath bombs. These aren’t your mom’s cheesy neon bath bombs of the 90’s. Bath bombs have evolved and become one of the best ways to soothe tired muscles and clear a cluttered mind. With several great options on the market, we’re already counting down the hours to feel that bath time fizz. 

First on the docket is Kush Queen’s Relive CBD Bath Bomb. At only $12.99, this CBD infused bath bomb combines CBD and essential oils for a refreshing and relaxing experience. As described on their website, this bath bomb utilizes the “Entourage Effect,” which occurs when cannabinoids are combined with essential oils. With 25 mg of CBD, this bath bomb aids with pain relief and muscle relaxation to get you through that tough work week. 

Second on our list is Life Elements’s Bliss Ball Bath Bomb. Life Elements offers several bath bomb strengths, with options at 50 mg, 100 mg and 200 mg. Purchase of a bundle of these items to choose from and each dosage is available with a different scent. 

Last but not least, we have Blue Ridge Hemp Company’s 60mg Muscle Care CBD Bath Bomb. The 60mg Muscle Care CBD Bath Bomb can help with muscle tension and make for a more restful night’s sleep. Blue Ridge Hemp also offers the 60 mg Joint Care CBD Bath Bomb which is best for joint pain and inflammation. The third CBD Bath Bomb offered is the 60 mg Muscle Care Bath Bomb, which can ease muscle pain, soreness, spasms and inflammation.

Blue Ridge Hemp Company also offers a wide variety of hemp CBD products, including various tinctures, essential oils, CBD flower, superfoods and more.  

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So, next time you’re feeling stressed and have some bath time to spare, we suggest kicking back in your tub with one of these amazing bath bombs! 

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