Oh (Shea Butter) Baby, it’s Music Monday

Need a little help finding your soundtrack for this week? We got you. Check out our three favorite new albums, curated for any mood.

Shea Butter Baby- Ari Lennox

From the very first track (Chicago Boy) Ari Lennox’s debut album is something magical. Like shea butter itself, her voice is sweet and soft in this soul and R&B masterpiece. You can’t go wrong with any of the tracks on this album, from keeping it real on “New Apartment” to more tender moments like that on “Up Late.” Play this album whenever you want a little pick me up, or any other time, really. It’s that good.

Put on repeat: Up Late, Shea Butter Baby (with J. Cole)

Atlanta Millionaires Club- Faye Webster

With the release of her third album at just age 21, Faye Webster joins the ranks of other amazing young female artists like Billie Eilish and Lorde whose body of work makes us feel like we’ve done absolutely nothing with our lives so far. All bitterness aside, “Atlanta Millionaires Club” blends soulful folk, country twang, and a rap feature to produce an album that is as invigorating as it is soothing. Not too loud or overwhelming, it is the perfect soundtrack as you get ready in the morning or as the backtrack to dinner.

Put on repeat: Kingston, Flowers

IGOR- Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator has never been known for playing it safe or sticking to what’s been done, but his sixth album is definitely his most inventive work. On IGOR he does what he wants, not held down by traditional song structure or choosing a single tone. An impressive list of artists join him on multiple tracks, with Kanye, Solange, comedian Jerrod Carmichael and more all making appearances on the credits. He brings a raw emotion to each track that, combined with candid lyrics and strong synth beats, make this a great choice to pump you up and propel you through the week.

Put on repeat: EARFQUAKE  

Ari Lennox (courtesy of @arlennox on IG)

Ari Lennox (courtesy of @arlennox on IG)

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