La vie en rose: Ingredient spotlight

Our first product, un/wine, is a botanical beverage  with 20mg of organic hemp for great nights and even better mornings. Meant to be poured into a glass and savored, it’s perfect for a girl’s night out or dinner at home, just like wine. Want to know what makes it so calming and delicious? We’re gearing up for un\wine’s launch by taking a deep dive into our carefully selected  ingredients lovingly chosen by yours truly, the dose divas.

First up: the pink one. She’s crisp and clean, with elegant floral notes and a slight spice-- the perfect companion for these warm, summer nights. And it’s a familiar flower that gives the pink one its flowery flavor, found filling luscious gardens with a sweet scent or given in a bouquet with love: rose.  

All roses, though not very common in most cooking, are edible. When infused with beverages, like un/wine, fresh rose petals are muddled. This brings out their light flavor and allows it to be easily mixed into drinks. Rose can also be made into a simple syrup by bringing to a boil equal parts sugar and water, reducing, stirring in fresh or dried petals, and then sifting them out.

In addition to its delicate flavor and being surprisingly easy to incorporate into food and drinks, we’re using rose for its countless health benefits. Found in many traditional medicines, researchers have found this aromatic flower to be have anti-inflammatory, treat migraines, memory loss, and even act as a decongestant!

When crafting the pink one, we knew that rose would be a perfect fit.

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the dose divas

Emily CerfComment