Dose Divas take the air: How to travel stress free

Going on vacation can, of course, be the highlight of any summer. But the stress that comes with traveling to your destination and navigating once you’re there can be a real fun sponge-- for me, anxiety levels are at an all-time high when I’m at the airport. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled some of our best hacks to make it through travel time, stress-free.

Download your apps ahead of time

No internet, no problem. Listening to music always calms me down, so I download my Spotify library to listen to in-flight And did you know that both Google Maps and Google Translate have the capability to be used offline? In Google Maps, you can download maps of your destination to reference later. In Google Translate, choose “offline translation” in settings and download the language you. You can even toggle to the camera icon to quickly translate menus, signs, or anything else you might need.

Be a smart packer

It can be hard to resist the urge to pack an outfit and two alternative outfits for everyday of the trip, because you never know what’s going to happen, and maybe you’ll need that shirt you haven’t worn in three years, right? Instead of just throwing everything in, pick only the pieces that will make you feel most comfortable (check the weather forecast for your destination) and confident. Once you’ve chosen, roll those babies up-- making your clothing into little tubes will save space and avoid wrinkles. Place anything that you might need easy access to-- think chargers, spare socks, etc-- on the top layer, so you don’t have to dig through your entire bag should the situation arise.

Take some CBD!

Have you heard? CBD provides many relaxation benefits, such as reducing your body’s natural stress response, without actually getting you high. This makes it your perfect travel companion! Try a few sips of our new drink un\wine (with 20 mg of hemp CBD) or maybe a CBD scoop (perhaps easier to bring through security), and you’ll be feeling good to go.  

Emily CerfComment