Find your beach: simple steps to maximize relaxation

Finding the right path to relaxation is often a personal process that looks a bit different for everyone. But no matter who you are, the space and energy around you is likely to impact your mood. Sometimes we don’t get to choose where we are when we need to chill out a little bit (or a lot) -- I’m thinking about high stress meeting or family reunions with a problematic uncle. But when I do get the luxury of choice, I turn to these tips.

  1. Be one with the sun- If you’re like me and you live in Chicago, you come to appreciate the simple feeling of the sun on your face. It always amazes me how much better I feel on those days when we are blessed with some Vitamin D. And don’t just take it from me, take it from science. Studies have shown that higher amounts of sunlight leads to higher production of serotonin, aka the happiness chemical, in the brain. Now that summer is within sight, take the time to soak in those rays, whether that means stretching out a beach towel and fully immersing yourself, or just simply finding a space with windows that let in lots of natural light.

  2. Don’t overthink it- You didn’t buy that living room couch just to look at it, did you? Conflicting advice from beauty gurus and wellness bloggers can make us wish we never tried in the first place.  Reserve option paralysis for the shampoo aisle and plop down wherever is easiest for you when it comes time to unwind.

  3. Keep your friends close- Sometimes a space is not defined by location, but by who is there with you. When I’m with my closest friends, no matter what else might be going on, I know that they will be able to tell the right joke or offer advice. So put in that extra effort to make sure lunch happens, or if it’s long distance, return that Facetime call. You’ll be glad you did.

Emily CerfComment