the dose dish x Allison Grant

Us dose divas are continuously inspired by women who manage to get shit done everyday and still manage to take the time to take care of themselves. We sat down with Allison Grant to talk about the sustainable, healthy habits of this badass woman, in hopes of inspiring you to find something that works for you. Check out an excerpt of her wisdom in this Q&A, and listen to the full podcast for more!

(Edited and condensed for clarity)

Allison Grant

Allison Grant

Dose Divas: If you had to give up wine tomorrow, what beverage would you replace it with?  

Allison Grant: Oh well, I was about to give up white wine, I’d replace it with red wine…

DD: That’s an answer, that’s valid!

AG: No, I’d probably do a healthy and refreshing juice or tea kind of thing. You know, something minty and crisp to just to really cap off the evening. Because I feel like wine is such a good palate cleanser, so I’d want something that effectively does the same thing for that.

DD: Maybe we’ll be making one, right for that use case. Good intel!

DD: What are your top three self care products or practices that you can’t live without?

AG: So I would say the first one is anything that Tata Harper touches. I just love her face masks, her face lotions, her face wash. The second thing I’ve gotten into and this is kind of weird but I love it, is snail mucus.


DD: What! Why didn’t this come up earlier?

AG: So there's all these sheet masks and under-eye masks that are snail mucus based. And I guess snail mucus is supposed to be super regenerative and good for you.

DD: What form does it come in?

AG: It’s usually a sheet mask with the snail mucus stuff on it. Or I have these gold under eye patches that are snail mucus infused.

DD: Like the football patches?

AG: Yeah, exactly. I love those. You know, thirty is the new twenty. The last thing is I really love a good candle. I’ll often light a candle when I’m trying to max and relax. So Boy Smells is my favorite candle brand.

Kush by Boy Smells.

Kush by Boy Smells.


DD: Ooh, I haven’t heard of that one!

AG: They’ve very feminine, but also kind of musky-- they’re great.

DD: I think our last closing question is, who is a female leader that inspires you?

AG: So I know we were talking about her earlier but I’m obsessed. I love Reese Witherspoon, and mostly because I think she is so unapologetically feminine but also so great at supporting other women. Her production company is changing the number of female show runners and female actresses in leading roles. I think she’s so powerful and incredible and what she’s doing and she does it all with a smile on her face and Southern accent, which I think is really hard and rare to be able to do.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

DD: She’s your Southern inspiration?

AG: Totally. I feel like most women, myself included, some downplay that side of us. But she has really owned it and its become a really cool part of her brand

DD: I feel like we have really grown up with Reese Witherspoon.

AG: And she also hasn’t aged a day! She must be using snail mucus or some other equivalent.

DD: We gotta find out her routine. Maybe we can interview her next.

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