Long live the yoga queen - The Dose Dish x Lalu Beré

We are inspired by the women in our lives who get shit done everyday and still make time to take care of themselves. We sat down with Lalu Beré to talk about the sustainable, healthy habits of this Yoga Queen, in hopes of inspiring you to never walk out the door without that SPF! Check out an excerpt of her wisdom in this Q&A, and listen to the full podcast for more!

(Edited and condensed for clarity)


Dose Divas: If you had to give up wine tomorrow, what beverage would you replace it with?  

Lalu Beré: I think I would replace it with my own personal sparkling water flavor. I want LaCroix to do a lemon plus lime, I really think they're missing that flavor profile

DD: Ok, like a sprite lacroix?

LB: Yes! The delicious, refreshing, quencingh nature of sprite…

DD: Without the sugar.

LB: Without the sugar!

DD: What are your top three self care products or practices that you can’t live without?

LB: Number one, sunscreen. All the sunscreen, all the time. Number two, being able to practice mindful breathing. Whether that comes from a yoga or meditation practice, or just sitting for thirty seconds and using a timer to breathe deeply, I think that really helps me manage my day. And the third is getting enough sleep. It changes my life if I'm constantly sleeping seven plus hours a night, and if there's one take away for how to make your life great, it’s that.

DD: Great! And the third and final question: who is a female leader that inspires you?

LB: I feel like this answer is so cliche, but I love Michelle Obama so much. I think about her all the time, I love her Instagram, I recently read her book. And I think she is such a great leader because she's willing to admit that she made sacrifices for her family. She has always pursued her dreams but has made various choices that have taken her on a path that’s not direct. And I think as women, it's so important to see female role models who might not exclusively be in the C-Suite, or running things, or don't have titles that are perceived to be the aspiration, but are still doing amazing things, are leading bravely, and have confidence and style and sense of self, and can do that while also admitting they have flaws. And she is just that women for me. So I always hold her up, above everyone.

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