Meditation isn't what it used to be

I don't know about you, but meditation in the most traditional sense, seems a little scary. Sitting up straight, in one spot, cross-legged, watching your breathing and chanting “OM” for hours on end is a little daunting to say the least. Something that I have learned over the years is that meditation is not what is used to be. Meditation itself means to reflect, to contemplate, and to be able to pull yourself back when you get lost in the stressful throws of daily life.

Meditation, therefore, can really mean anything. It can be in the daily skin care routine that you have, the 20 minute walk or ride to work in the morning, or the five minutes you spend in bed after you wake up. Being able to set one’s intentions for the day and catch up with yourself is of the utmost importance.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate meditation into your daily routine is by listening to guided meditations. These guided meditation are audio recordings that can last anywhere from three to 30 minutes, depending on what kind of mediation you are looking for. I listen to a great three minute guided meditation by Deepak Chopra when I wake up in the morning. I do this meditation while lying on my back, completely relaxed right after i open my eyes. When it is finished, I have the motivation to finally get up and start my day.

For the nighttime, I do a 30 minute guided meditation that is extremely relaxing. I also do this after I get into bed as I am getting tired. This meditation is great because it allows me to release tension in my muscles from a long day of work and walking, while also allowing my mind to go to a more relaxing place. Sometimes the hardest part of getting to sleep is allowing your brain to shut out the stresses of the day. I usually end up falling asleep just before the guided meditation ends, allowing me to drift off to sleep naturally.  

These guided meditations can also be listened to when your on your way to work, or coming back from work. These meditations allow your brain a needed break, and can help you slow breathing that can sometimes be heightened from stress. Sometimes being able to meditate is just being able to carve out those couple minutes each day to check in with yourself, catch your breath, and relax.

Guided Meditations:

Morning -

Nighttime -

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