Apple a day who? Dr. Ginger is here for you!

The benefits of ginger have been well-documented as a natural remedy in a variety of different ways for centuries, and the legacy of this magical root as the solution to many different problems lives on to this day. It is popular in many cuisines, especially in Asian and Indian dishes, and can be found fresh as a root, ground, as an essential oil, in a capsule, or even in our  Lemongrass Ginger Bottled CBD Tea! Read on to find out what this superfood can do for you.

  1. Ease nausea

    Got a tummy ache? Used years ago to cure sea sickness, ginger is still considered by some to be as effective at treating nausea as prescription medicine. Today, it is often used to ease nausea in cancer patients and of morning sickness.

  2. Fight period pain

    Next time you feel that familiar headache or lower back ache setting in, consider reaching to ginger instead of tylenol or midol. A study found in the U.S. National Library of Medicine concluded that ginger was as effective at treating period cramps as ibuprofen and other medicines with the same purpose.

  3. Improve brain function

    Aging gracefully? Ginger has shown to improve reaction time and working memory in middle-aged women, as well as counteract the main drivers of Alzheimer's disease and age-related cognitive decline.

  4. Fight infection and colds

    If you’re like us and you like to curl up with a cup of tea, you’ll love this one. Ginger extract has been known to fight bacteria, even some that are resistant to prescription drugs. During cold and flu season, it can be a very effective remedy by working to keep the body warm from within, and ginger tea (cough cough, may we suggest Lemongrass Ginger Bottled CBD Tea) can be a good way to fight back when you feel the sniffles setting in.

  5. Reduce muscle and joint pain

    On top of everything else, ginger can fight the inflammation that causes that achy feeling at the end of a long day. Proven to be effective at combating muscle pain as well as arthritis, ginger is the gift that keeps on giving.

photo courtesy of ig: @aserenepursuit

photo courtesy of ig: @aserenepursuit

Emily Cerf