New music Monday: Three new albums to help you unwind this week

Need a little help getting relaxed this week? All ready to go to your happy place but can’t find the perfect soundtrack to accompany it? Press play on these new albums and let the sounds of sweet music carry you away from your stresses.

Wasteland, Baby!  - Hozier

Five years after the release of his first eponymous album, the Irish singer/songwriter is back with “Wasteland, Baby!” After keeping fans waiting for so long, the pressure was on to deliver for his next album, and Hozier certainly did. Full of passion, Hozier’s beautiful lyrics rise above the finger-picked guitar. So, let the soothing sounds of his rich, folksy voice lull you into sweet reverie for the rest of the week.

Put on repeat: Would that I, Almost (Sweet Music)  

When I Get Home - Solange

An ode to her hometown of Houston, Solange’s fourth album is mix of styles and interludes that build a complex portrait of her life, proving that she is more than just an amatuer pop-artist stuck in her sister’s shadow. With exploratory style and invigorating lyrics, she muses on the multitude of identities and experiences that have shaped her into the women that she is today and reminds us to do “nothing without intention.” Touche, Solange, touche.

Put on repeat: Stay Flo, Dreams

The Same But By Different Means - Yves Jarvis

A 22-song album clocking in at only 49 minutes, Yves Jarvis’s utilizes mini-songs between full-length tracks to produce a work that feels simultaneously simple and complex. Slow guitar strumming and a soft voice meld together in songs that make for easy listening, the perfect complement to night time rituals or a slow Sunday morning.

Put on repeat: Into the Forefront, Curtain of Rain

Emily Cerf