Losing your CBD Virginity

Your first time is scary… we’ve all been there. It doesn’t matter how many people tell you that you won’t get high, part of you is still nervous about taking CBD for the first time. We’re no strangers to CBD, so let us walk you through your first time and help ease your fears. There are a few important things to know before diving in… Here are the basics:

  1. Get Fat: In the health and wellness world, the concept of bioavailability is getting a lot of air time. Bioavailability has to do with the amount of a given substance or nutrient that can actually be absorbed by your body and is available in your bloodstream. CBD’s bioavailability is greatly enhanced by fatty acids, so before you take CBD on an empty stomach, grab a spoonful of almond butter or throw some lemon juice on half an avocado and go to town.   

  2. Don’t let it go to waste: Speaking of bioavailability, when it comes to CBD, it is highly dependent on the method of consumption.* When consumed and digested by your GI system, CBD’s bioavailability is anywhere from 6-15%, if absorbed through your mouth (e.g. under your tongue), it increases to around 35%. So, if you’re going the edible route (e.g. a chocolate), we recommend sucking on it, like a hard candy, rather than chewing, to get the most out of your experience.

  3. You are a special snowflake: A recurring theme when we talk about CBD. Some people believe it is the miracle cure for anxiety, while others claim CBD has no impact on them at all. This logic applies whether you’re using CBD to combat stress, relieve pain or improve sleep. The point is, you have to try it for yourself to determine if it is something that works for you!

  4. Baby Steps: You’re bought in… now what?: Let’s talk dosing. While you cannot OD on CBD (literally, it’s not a thing), there is a wide range when it comes to the recommended dose (we’ve seen everything from 5mg to 1000mg). When it comes to finding the right dose, you have to listen to your bod and figure out what works for you! We recommend starting with 10mg and increasing by 10mg each time you use. We have generally found that doses in the 20-40mg range are most effective for helping us to de-stress, while doses of 80mg+ are effective for more acute pain and anxiety. To get more information, please consult your doctor, and do your own research/testing!

  5. There's no Time Like the Present: There isn’t a right or wrong time to take CBD. Some people use it in the evening to wind down and destress, while others take it first thing in the morning to set the tone for the day. Whether you want to take it as you feel a monster headache coming on or after a big workout to relieve muscle soreness, it’s entirely up to you. See #3: Everyone is different. We suggest taking it on a weekend when you have a few hours to yourself so it will not disrupt your day. While we haven’t heard of many people experiencing adverse side effects, one thing you may experience is stomach bloat. If this happens to you, we recommend trying different forms, as each brand appears to impact people differently.

Jenny Bush